Brembo company profile

Brembo is committed to the constant innovation of our products, production processes and operating model in the fight against climate change and in favour of the rational use of water and environmental protection. Brembo is the only Italian company, among the world’s businesses leading on environmental performance, that has been awarded a double “A” from CDP both in the Climate Change and Water Security A List. In 2021, for the fourth year running, we have been awarded an “A” for our commitment to Climate Change and our second “A” List award for Water Security. Environment. Data updated 31 December 2021. Carbon neutrality 2040 During 2020, Brembo decided to contribute to the containment of global warming by setting ourselves the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. In this regard, Brembo has set up a dedicated working group to steer the company toward a gradual process of decarbonisation. 70.6 % 88 % -23.7 % -21.3 % 53 % previous year previous year